Managed Security Services

Our Offering

Under the auspices of AIM and within our specialized cybersecurity brand Arancia, we deliver a suite of Managed Security Services. These solutions are designed to provide your organization with continuous, proactive protection, minimizing cybersecurity risks and ensuring peace of mind in an evolving digital landscape. Here's a brief outline of our Managed Security Services:

  1. Managed Detection and Response (MDR): Our MDR services provide you with round-the-clock monitoring and response to advanced threats. This ensures that your business maintains a fortified defense, no matter the type or timing of cyber-attacks.
  2. Security Operations Center (SOC) Services: Our Security Operations Center delivers an array of managed services tailored to your specific needs. Through continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and swift incident response, our SOC team serves as your dedicated line of defense against complex cyber threats.
  3. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): We offer a comprehensive SIEM solution that gathers and analyzes security data from across your network, enabling the swift detection of threats and anomalies. This includes the management of licenses, leaving you free to focus on your core business functions.
  4. Cloud Security Managed Services: For organizations leveraging cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP), we provide specialized services to secure your cloud environments. Our experts ensure your cloud operations are secure, compliant, and optimized, minimizing potential vulnerabilities.
  5. Firewall Security Management: We help manage and maintain your firewall configurations, ensuring optimal performance and security. Our team constantly monitors your network traffic, identifying and remediating any potential security gaps.

Through our Managed Security Services, Arancia aims to provide businesses with the robust, responsive, and reliable security defenses they need in today's digital world. You can rely on Arancia for steadfast cybersecurity protection, allowing you to focus on growing and managing your business with confidence.