"API security is mission-critical for businesses today. If you're not paying attention to it, you're not paying attention to the future of your business." - Dino Dai Zovi, Co-founder and CTO, Capsule8

API Sentry: Next-Generation API Security and Monitoring Solution

API Sentry is a cutting-edge product by AIM, designed to secure API Management Platforms. API Sentry allows organizations to effortlessly monitor their API-M platforms, collect and analyze logs, detect suspicious behavior, and respond to alerts in near real-time. With features such as self-health checks, 24/7 support, and event analysis, AIM can rapidly address issues, reducing the mean time to repair and ensuring the continuity of critical business processes.

Key Features

API Sentry offers a wide array of features, including a high-performance native binary executable for immediate security alerts, low footprint and maintenance requirements, and a non-invasive, independent program without JVM dependency. It boasts an enrichable alerting capability, seamless integration with AIM's cloud-based alerting service for 24/7 support, and near-real-time event analysis. API Sentry also provides long-term trend analysis through API integration.

AIM employs robust security measures throughout the development lifecycle, including Architectural Risk Analysis, Static Application Security Testing (SAST), and Penetration Testing. Additionally, AIM actively tracks vulnerabilities in third-party components and uses various tools to ensure secure code development as part of their CI/CD pipeline for this product.


API Sentry offers seamless integrations with a wide range of tools for alerting, monitoring, and analytics. Key integrations include Jira, Opsgenie, Zendesk, and Slack for alerting; Journald, Docker, and OpenShift for monitoring; Prometheus, Grafana, and Elastic for analytics; and AWS CloudWatch and Azure Monitor for combined alerting and analytics. These integrations enable efficient incident response, enhanced visibility, and in-depth analysis to ensure optimal API security and performance.

Solution Highlights

API Sentry accurately identifies the APIM solution in use and monitors logs for security patterns. Detected security patterns are logged in a standardized format with relevant data points, and alerts are promptly issued via email or REST API interface, allowing for seamless integration with various alerting tools. Automated alerts enable technical staff to quickly identify and resolve specific issues, minimizing service degradation and potential disruption. API Sentry is easily deployed and integrates with cloud services out of the box. It also performs daily self-health checks and offers historical trend analysis with data retention.

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