Incident Response and Recovery

Our Offering

At AIM, under the specialized cybersecurity brand Arancia, we provide an array of Incident Response and Recovery services, strategically designed to address and mitigate potential cyber threats. These services aim to safeguard your business by preparing for, effectively managing, and recovering from any security incidents swiftly and efficiently. Here are the key services under this category:

  1. Incident Response Playbook Development / RACI + Tabletop: We create customized Incident Response Playbooks and conduct simulated exercises to help prepare your team for potential security incidents. This strategic plan, coupled with the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed (RACI) matrix, provides clear roles and responsibilities, ensuring effective and coordinated responses.
  2. Incident Response & Forensics + Restoration Services: Our team of experts stands ready to help your organization respond to and recover from security incidents rapidly. We also offer digital forensic services to preserve evidence for subsequent investigation and mitigation, minimizing potential damage.
  3. Ransomware Simulation: In response to the growing threat of ransomware, we conduct simulated attacks to help you evaluate and improve your organization's defense mechanisms. This proactive approach helps you to mitigate the risk and understand your organization's preparedness better.
  4. Red and Purple Team Exercises: Through adversarial attack simulations (Red Team) and combined offensive and defensive exercises (Purple Team), we help your organization identify and mitigate security weaknesses, enhancing your incident response capabilities.
  5. Dark Web Threat Hunting: We proactively patrol the dark web for threats and compromised data associated with your organization, enabling us to identify potential incidents before they cause damage.
  6. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning (BCP & DRP): Our team assists in developing comprehensive Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans. These strategies ensure your critical business functions can continue during and after a disaster, minimizing downtime and ensuring a swift recovery.

Through our Incident Response and Recovery services, Arancia equips your organization to effectively anticipate, respond, and bounce back from potential cyber threats, helping to ensure the resilience and continuity of your business operations. Trust Arancia to provide the cyber resilience you need in today's digital landscape.