The tools to get you there quicker

At Architecture in Motion, we approach technology from a unique perspective that’s agnostic of trends and technology and help us make the best decisions determined by requirements or specifications without prejudice. We work closely with your team to address these business challenges and inform you of your technology choices to help decide on the best tools for taking on this engagement.

Our team is experienced with Integration Platforms that enables you to quickly integrate systems, partners, data, devices and SaaS applications. With these Integration Platform you have a more agile business with automated business process management and governance.

Our solution sets



If you require an answer, we’ll determine the approach. Whether you need real time fraud analytics or gaming floor insights, a secure information exchange zone for your sensitive business to business transactions or an API based approach to your applications, we’ll harness it for you using our expertise in integration platforms and partners that are leaders of their technology quadrant.

AIM has been helping the high-tech industry successfully develop products since 2006. We have worked with large multi-national technology companies and with small start-ups. We have helped our clients develop products in health sector, oil and gas, insurance, gaming, enterprise business and other areas.


AIM Mashups
We are committed to evolving breakthrough solutions from our various partners. As new opportunities from clients are presented, we jump at the chance to try out new acquisitions and products recently announced. Our unique mash-ups help us create solutions from multitude of offering through our various partners that some consider unorthodox but give us the edge in the crowded marketplace.