API Management

CA provides leading security and management suite to the API marketplace that allows customers to better secure and manage their API footprint. It helps deliver confidently and provides necessary Agility to the cloud, mobile, and composite applications that run today’s business services.

As a CA API-Management partner, AIM provides these key value differentiators.

API Management

Managed Services (API – Management)

With a CA certified and Services enabled team of API-M experts, we have the capability and the bench strength to provide 24/7 monitoring of your cloud or on-premise infrastructure. You can also leverage our experts for operational and functional support during business hours.

Expert on Demand (API – Management)

Working with CA and employing some of the best practices in this domain, we have launched CA API-Management expert on demand services for CA clients. These experts provide remote support and address KTLO issues; working hand in hand with CA API-M product development and support teams.

Accelerating Your Transformation into the Agile Digital World

Technology platforms don’t all speak the same language, especially when it involves accessing complicated, encrypted data, protected on enterprise-scale software platforms. We help enterprise get ready for this transformation as they strive to become more competitive and agile.

Whenever an enterprise has digital transformation on its road map, we provide a comprehensive, and secure API Management Strategy. It addresses a critical step forward towards an open and secure enterprise, providing benefits like agility, cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and new found revenue streams.

Our security by design practice model integrates custom business domain models and capabilities with a well-defined business and technical dimensions of the enterprise and is designed to address the key challenges.


API Analytics

If you can’t measure your APIs, you can’t improve them. API Analytics are a critical foundation of an API strategy. CA Mobile Analytics is an another area where AIM can provide assistance to your team and complete your mobile vision and strategy.

KPIs for Your APIs

What matters the most? How should it be measured as it relates to the performance of your API program and its contribution to your corporate business goals? We’ll refine your platform’s out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to provide contextual business insights and measure impactful results for your enterprise, as well as key metrics for each channel, developer, product and application.

Secure API Design

Successful API design depends on creating APIs that can easily be consumed by developers using the best practices around security. API’s increases the surface of attack, however employing the key differentiators and our best practices we can provide a complete Threat Risk Assessment to put these fears at rest.

API Usability Matters

Successful adoption largely depends on providing easily consumable APIs and SDKs that will make your developers happy. API Gateway does most of the heavy lifting on security and bundled SDKs make the client implementation for developers a smooth process. Our design approach employs a rigorous application of best practices, thoughtful parameter structure, various protocol support, security, performance, consistency, intuitive error handling, and functional alignment.

Do you have an existing ESB, a formal middleware layer, or no centralized integration hub at all? We’ll work with you and provide the optimal architecture for where enterprise APIs should be implemented, considering not only existing infrastructure but also current business processes. No internal bandwidth?

We can also help develop the APIs themselves if you don’t have the time or capabilities in-house.

API Governance

Defining an API governance strategy can be a crucial yet complex undertaking. AIM can help.

Getting It Right the First Time

Looking to run an open, partner or private style API program? Is your runtime governance plan considering discovery, access, and usage? Defining an API governance process can be a surprisingly complex undertaking as you consider these factors as well as the various levels of ownership involved in the API value chain – information systems, network infrastructure, the data itself, API Program Managers, Product & Line of Business Directors, etc.

We initially survey and create the business capability landscape of your enterprise to uncover assets and actors. This feeds and creates core and contextual alignment, and define a governance framework that empowers the entire program for success. We’ll then formalize an API creation process that produces the appropriate governance structures for each new service. With the correct governance in place you can take an integration engagement from few months to few weeks, allowing IT to retain its core focus.

API Life-cycle Management

Successful organizations value APIs as living applications that continue to evolve and mature.

Evolve Your APIs Gracefully Over Time

Successful enterprises treat APIs themselves as living applications that continue to grow and mature. AIM will help you manage their evolution to support your enterprise vision with services that range from code management, versioning, and deployment processes to infrastructure support, migration and deprecation.